Friday, November 7, 2014


 This is Melanie, and we found Narnia.

In actuality, there was a door exhibition in the park in a historic area of our city; one of them led to/was painted like) Narnia. We were really there for her photography project, and, in her words, she was "forcing me to be her model." I accepted on the condition that she would let me photograph her as well. We galavanted down Main Street, found fire escapes and cool plants behind all the restaurants, risked our lives lying in the middle of the train tracks (a couple minutes before a train arrival I might add), and simply enjoyed each other and something we love: photography.

This darling is a joy and an inspiration. I relish every minute I have with her, whether it's riding in her super super rad flatbed truck, telling each other stories, or snuggling with a skeleton chained to a bench. I'm so lucky to be in the presence of such a wonder again.

All photos of me were taken by the lovely Melanie at Sincerely, Melanie.
All photos of the lovely Melanie at Sincerely, Melanie were taken by me. Me who would love to hear from you either at or in the comments below. See you there!


  1. Gosh these are cute. My favorite of you is the first one in front of the brick building. Darling. :)

  2. Greatest blogger on Earth?
    yup it's you Carrie Marie :* <3